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100,000 spay/neuters brings congratulations from Bob Barker
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The Seattle Humane Society is thrilled to announce its 100,000th spay/neuter surgery. “This is an incredibly proud moment for Seattle Humane Society and for responsible pet owners everywhere,” says CEO David Loewe. “Since opening our on-campus clinic 30 years ago, we are 100,000 steps closer to no more homeless pets in our community.”

Former The Price is Right host and renowned spay/neuter advocate, Bob Barker, acknowledged Seattle Humane’s achievement with a special message: “Just think how many animals you have prevented from suffering! I congratulate you and urge you to keep up the good work.”

Every shelter pet at Seattle Humane is spayed or neutered before adoption. Seattle Humane also ensures that all community members can afford this simple surgery through several free and low-fee spay/neuter services including:

• Low-fee spay/neuter clinic for pets of income-restricted individuals
• Low-fee spay/neuter events for cats throughout the year
• Free spay/neuters for Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in King County
• Free “Mom’s Last Litter” spay/neuter surgeries for parents and litters

Spaying/neutering your pet has numerous benefits, including…

• Keeping your pet from producing unwanted litters
• Decreasing the number of pets who end up in area shelters
• Reducing reproductive cancers in females
• Reducing prostate cancer in males
• Making your pet less likely to roam and become injured
• Making your pet less likely to spray or mark

Learn more at seattlehumane.org.

For more information:

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