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Snagging Baseballs for Puppies

Dear Friends and Family,

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Wayne Peck and I am the founder of Snagging Baseballs for Puppies! I started this charity before the 2010 baseball season in an effort to help raise money for the Seattle Humane Society here in the great city of Seattle Washington! Before I started this charity function, I served 10 great years in the United States Army. I served one combat tour in Iraq and now I am gainfully employed aside from my charitable lifestyle!

I want to also take the time to explain how this charity works since I've had a lot of questions about it in the last few years. The way things work are in fact rather simple. Here I am, one man, trying to help make a difference for our furry four-legged friends down in these shelters across America. Although, I am just supporting the Seattle area, every shelter is important to me. So let's break it down, shall we?

I show up at a regulation Major League Baseball game anywhere in the United States or abroad, and try to snag as many baseballs before the game, during the game or after the game. Every baseball counts. No matter how I aquired it. Whether an usher hands it to me, or its a foul ball that's bobbled around between 13 fans trying to catch it, or I find it in the seats. They all count. Some games I catch one or two and some games I've came away with seven or eight.

Now this is how you can help. You set a donation limit for yourself regarding how many baseballs I'll snag throughout the season. Maybe you'd like to donate .5 cents a baseball. Or maybe you just love dogs and cats and want to really pitch in a lot and throw down like, .50 cents a baseball. Keep in mind that there is a potential for me to snag quite a few baseballs (last season I snagged 135). So at the end of the World Series, I will contact you and give you the amount of baseballs that I've snagged and you simply calculate that number by how much you've pledged per baseball. So like, this season, I snagged 52 baseballs. If you pledged .50 cents a ball, that means you would donate $26.00! Pretty easy, right? Awesome!

I'm pretty active on Twitter, so if you have a Twitter account, you can find me at @MLBwayneMLB. I also have a Facebook page set up for my official Major League Baseball blog that I maintain. You can find those two pages at the links provided.



In closing, I'd like to say a sincere thank you to all that have donated, supported me, read my blogs, tweeted with me on Twitter and Facebooked my page. It really means a lot, and I appreciate all the help. The Seattle Humane Society gives their many thanks and we all know how much those animals in the shelters appreciate our help! So keep up the good work!


-Wayne Peck

Founder of Snagging Baseballs for Puppies


If you have questions, please contact Donor Services at (425) 373-5382 or donations@seattlehumane.org.

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