Glow in the Park: Seattle Humane's Walk For The Animals

Jax (wags) and Moony (wiggles)
Jax (wags) and Moony (wiggles)

Wag, Wiggle, and Walk

You always hear the phrase "who rescued whom" when refering to pet adoption. It's cliche, but so real. Jax and Moony have been such blessings, and I cannot imagine my life without them. 

We are doing the Glow In The Park walk because A) it's for a great cause, and B) I love any chance to dress them up.

UPDATE! Glow in the Park is benefiting Seattle Humane's Disaster and Life-Saver Rescue funds. These programs transfer in at-risk animals from local shelters and beyond, like Texas due to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, to safety at Seattle Humane.

This will help clear out the shelters in the areas affected by natural disaster to make room for the lost pets of people dealing with tragedy.

Please join us in reaching our goal of $999. You can either join us in the walk, or donate directly. 

Thank you,


Shaley, Jax, and Moony: Team Wag, Wiggle, and Walk


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